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Mar 31, 2013 5:00am PDT
war against south korea. this follows kim jong un to put strategic rockets on standby. they believe they want to boost the leader's image. >> thousands lined up and all patients of a dentist to may have infected them with hiv or hepatitis. 7,000 patients were mailed a letter warning them they may have been exposed to the virus because of unsanitary conditions. >> the news was about a dentist and dirty equipment and there was name at the end and i said what? >> i didn't see any evidence of what they are saying. he was very nice, but i didn't know what i was exposed to. >> carolyn: take a look at this piece of equipment. it's an autoclave it's one like this. it sterilizes instruments and supposed to be tested monthly. this one had not been checked in six years. lisa argen is off on this easter sunday and we're happy to have frances dinglasan but not so happy about rain. >> we know rain is on its way but we are looking for the breaks for you that plan on easter egg hunts or the parade. i'll have the details. we are waking up to grey skies but live doppler is pretty busy this morning. >
Mar 29, 2013 5:00am PDT
support of their leader, kim jong-un, and his call to remain as. he is threatening to strike the united states ordering the country's forces to be on stand by. this morning's developments are after the u.s. senate two stealth bombers to south korea after the north cut off communications. the plans dropped dummy bombs on a bombing range. >> we have to take seriously every provocative bellicose word and action this new young leader has taken so far. >> experts say north korea is not capable of nuclear strikes but the united states is taking the threats seriously. the pentagon has already taken steps to strengthen missile defenses on the west coast. >> hayward police could use your help to identify the man who robbed two bay area toys 'r us we. cameras showed pictures of the two. police say the men asked a clerk to help them with ipods and a new case of products was open, showed him a silver revolver and took some of the ipods and walked out. authorities say the same two men robbed a toys 'r us earlier in the day. >> controversial filmmaker polanski will do a live interview from paris for
Mar 30, 2013 5:00am PDT
kim jong un and a caption that appears to say strategic forces appear to hit the u.s. new propaganda video showing the north striking an american bomber. further south korean immediate yeah say the north may be preparing for another missile test. >> the mayor just came back from an island in france and now he is in china. lee begin his trip yesterday. he will be meeting with chinese leaders. he wants to lure chinese investors here and get a chinese bank to fund new housing developments and two former military bases. >> i'm going back here to potentially even to get another airline hooked in for international flights and get closer to an agreement on a project that is at hunters point. >> katie: he will also visit his father's ancestral village. he has about 30 people on his trip including willie brown. >>> it's the end of an era. san francisco institution closes its doors today after 27 years. tommy toys was a hot place for celebrities. clint eastwood dined there and attracted politicians like senator dianne feinstein and willie brown. changing demographics have forced the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3